Hitesh Thawani

Dubai Modern Academy


Hitesh is a Goodwill Ambassador for IIMSAM, an observer to United Nations ECOSOC, and an avid pet lover and owner of Precious Paws Pet Spa in Dubai, an Award-Winning Thai Spa themed Pet Boutique. Here his story of how he got to where he is today, and his GEMS student experiences.

Which GEMS school did you attend and what year did you graduate?

I attended Dubai Modern High School (now GEMS modern Academy), and graduated in 2010 as a school prefect.

What would you consider to be your top accomplishments since graduating?

Starting my own business being something as unique as a Spa for pets. Such a concept is not present anywhere. Another accomplishment would be me being asked to join the United Nations to start their Animal Welfare Program and getting the title of His Excellency. I am currently working on the launch of this department.

Tell us a little about what it is that you do professionally.

I am a Goodwill Ambassador for IIMSAM, an observer to United Nations ECOSOC, and an avid pet lover and owner of Precious Paws Pet Spa in Dubai, an Award-Winning Thai Spa themed Pet Boutique. Under my role as an Ambassador,I have delivered over 8500 food boxes feeding over 100,000 people (comprising food essentials that can last up to 2-3 weeks), provided aid services, and also delivered over 2000 hot meals across labor camps and construction sites. More importantly, repatriated nearly 200 individuals to their home countries. Such support and food distribution drives are conducted every Saturday across the UAE. Under my love for animals, in the last 6 years, I have raised over 1 million dirhams in support for animal care and welfare, rescued over 50 animals and found homes for them, and also homed over 100 pets through adoption days. I am on a mission to eradicate acute malnutrition and to reach out to 1 million adults and children with high quality spirulina.

What did you love most about your school?

The freedom to follow my passion for the Performing Arts. Also, the excellent and updated campus with cutting edge sport facilities. Modern high has the Afternoon Self Improvement program in which students were allowed to select a sport and a club. This meant we had teachers spending extra time and giving us 1 on 1 attention to improve our skills in those fields. This allowed us to spend more time with friends, teams, teachers and build even better relationships with them.

Who was your most inspirational teacher? Why?

By far the most difficult question I have had to answer. All my teachers were so good and inspirational, and shaped my personality. They are the reason for making me who I am today. However, if I have to select just one, I would say it is Ms. Sharon Tewari. She was the one who recognized my love for dancing, and supported me to take it further. She guided me throughout my schooling years, and always gave me an opportunity to shine.

Do you have a university degree?

Yes, I have a degree from Mumbai University. It is an Undergrad in Mass Media with specialization in Advertising. Along with a Major in Digital Film Making and Visual Effects.

Would you like to mentor a current GEMS student?

Absolutely! It will be an absolute pleasure to do so. However I would like to know will my physical presence be required? Do I have to visit a school for it? Will it be based on a specific schedule? I only ask because I travel a lot representing the United Nations around the world as their Ambassador.

Are you in a position to offer current GEMS students or GEMS alumni internships?
Yes, we do have an internship program. When it comes to working with and around pets it is a little frowned upon by the municipality, and rightfully so as the people need to be certified caretakers and also experienced staff. However, we do have internship opportunities in the accounting and social media marketing space.

Take advantage of every opportunity because you never know where it may lead you!

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