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At GEMS Education schools, your child’s learning journey will progress seamlessly through the application of best-in-class technology and the care and individualised attention of our educators.



Our students' journey through a new way of learning


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Our Remote Learning Approach

Each student and family will receive a personal weekly timetable with access to:

  • Teacher developed learning resources, lessons, and collaborative activities
  • A range of age-appropriate online content and applications
  • Personalised interaction between students and teachers
  • Support and guidance for parents
  • Weekly progress updates
  • Continuous communication with your class/subject teachers

Your support is paramount to educational success, we ask all parents to:

  • Setup an electronic device to facilitate learning
  • Identify a suitable and comfortable learning space
  • Maintain a daily routine for your child
  • Gain visibility on progress and feedback

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GEMS Education operates great international schools that set a benchmark for quality education today and shape the future of learning for the next generation.


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