Smart start

Little GEMS pre-school for SmartCity Kochi

In 1959, when KS Varkey and his wife Mariama - two teachers from Kerala, India - arrived in Dubai, they found there was a real need for quality education that could cater for children arriving from India and other parts of the world. To address the problem, they opened a school of their own.

Sunny Varkey, KS and Mariama’s son, grew up witnessing first-hand the positive effects of quality education. Adding a visionary’s ambition to his parents’ experience as practitioners, he established GEMS Education (incorporating Little GEMS).

Kerala today is very different to the place it was when the Varkeys left. But the family has always retained a strong connection to the area and tried to support their home community wherever possible.

So, when a new hub of research, innovation and knowledge was proposed for Kochi, GEMS Education immediately recognised the importance of the project. Not only would a new school create jobs in the local education sector, it would be a place where tomorrow's doctors, scientists and engineers could learn important skills from an early age to make a real difference to the region’s future.

Along with SmartCity Kochi's development partners, GEMS Education is opening a K-12 school to provide the area’s brightest youth with globally-significant education opportunities. With Phase 1 of the project complete, the school is taking enrolments for its Little GEMS pre-school.