Cambridge International School

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Cambridge International School  – Dubai, is a welcoming British curriculum school, located in Al Twar 1, Dubai. We welcome pupils aged 3 and 18, taking students from FS1 all the way up to A level in Year 13.

We offer a high, international standard of education and some of the very best facilities in the city to give our students a great, global education, bursting with opportunity.

From hockey and basketball, to white water rafting and mountain biking, we think it's really important to get our students active in the great outdoors. We give our young people every opportunity to enjoy being part of a team, to push themselves and to excel in competitive sports. 

But it's not all rugby and dance class at our British school in Dubai! We also give our students the chance to explore and express their creativity...

Whether they're creating ceramics or learning about photography, our creative extra curricula activities  are designed to help young people find their talents and explore their passions.  We offer drama clubs, music lessons and more to help fuel our student's imaginations.

Back in the classroom, you'll find our teaching staff are passionate about encouraging and facilitating academic excellence. We work hard to ensure pupils of all backgrounds and abilities are able to attain their very best, providing them with great qualifications which will take them where they want to go. 

From IGCSEs in Year 11, to AS Levels and A levels in Years 12 and 13, we're very proud of the fantastic results our students have achieved, and the great things our alumni go on to do at leading academic institutions all over the globe.

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Near Al Twar Library - Damascus Street - Al Twar 1, PO Box 60835, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Telephone: +971 4 282 4646

Email: [email protected]

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