Early Years - Little GEMS

A unique approach to Early Years education

Every step in Education is important but it has been scientifically proven that the pre-school years are the ‘most important’ as they lay the foundations for future learning and success.

Our team of world renowned educationalists has spent over thirty years researching into how the brain functions in relation to early childhood development. The Little GEMS International approach is successful because we have designed a programme which is firmly based on published, scientific and educational research. We blend the English Foundation Stage Curriculum with unique, specially written Little GEMS International programmes designed to enable children to flourish academically, personally, socially and emotionally.

We cater for children from three months of age to the start of school. Our approach is based upon four pillars:

  1. Quality care
  2. Quality education
  3. Quality staff
  4. Partnership with parents and the community

Our Little GEMS International staff are highly trained, skilled and passionate about Early Years Education. They know how important it is to work in partnership with parents and for young children to have secure attachments with people who care about them and who want the best for them.

Quality education positively impacts children’s progress and examination results. You will be pleased to know that Little GEMS International children are given priority for admission into our award winning GEMS schools.

Choosing Little GEMS International, means that, as well as being safe and happy, your child will have a head start to his or her education and life.