Varkey Foundation

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The Varkey Foundation is a charitable organisation established by Sunny Varkey to improve the standards of education for underprivileged children throughout the world. It believes in the importance of a quality education for every child and that every child should have a good teacher. It works with partners to build the capacity and status of teachers to ensure that the quality of teaching is enhanced and outcomes improve.

What it does

A family foundation established to improve standards of education and raise the status and capacity of teachers throughout the world, the Foundation works with governments and partner organisations to build new programmes that will deliver better results.

The global education crisis in facts and figures

There is a shortage of teachers globally, with 69 million more teachers needed to provide universal primary and secondary education by 2030.


Varkey Foundation projects

To date, Varkey Foundation programmes have trained 46,000 teachers in 3,000 schools around the world, reaching more than 1.6 million children. These programmes aim to learn from and spread best practice around the globe, from initial teacher training to leadership. The Foundation helps to reach remote, underprivileged and displaced children, improving access to education for some of the hardest to reach communities.


The Varkey Foundation’s Leadership and Innovation Programme in Argentina – an intensive development programme for school leaders, delivered in partnership with the Government of Argentina – has seen over 2,600 schools participate and over 8,000 school principals trained, benefiting over 1.1 million children.

The Foundation’s programmes in Ghana have benefited over 220,000 students. Programmes include Making Ghanaian Girls Great, focused on delivering learning to students, teachers, communities and government officials using solar-powered, satellite-enabled distance learning infrastructure, as well as Train for Tomorrow, a remote teacher training project that uses satellite-enabled technology.

The Foundation’s Instructional Leadership programme in Uganda has trained 28,000 school leaders and teachers, representing 1,381 schools and impacting over 1.1 million Ugandan children, who now have access to a quality teacher.

In 2013 and 2019, the Varkey Foundation published the Global Teacher Status Index – the first ever detailed report looking into cultural perceptions of teachers. In partnership with prominent academics, it gathered in-depth opinions from 21 countries to explore attitudes about the teaching profession.

In 2017, the Foundation published the Generation Z: Global Citizenship Survey – the biggest and most comprehensive global survey of the views of Generation Z and the first time that there has been an international comparative study of the attitudes of young people on this scale. And in 2018, the Foundation published the Global Parents' Survey – the biggest and most comprehensive survey of parents’ hopes, fears and aspirations around the world.

Some of the Foundation’s projects include:

  • Girls' education
  • Refugee education
  • Education technology
  • Leadership
  • Teacher training


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