Values-led Education

A variety of initiatives, designed to instill values in students, have been rolled out across GEMS schools, with teachers, student and parents all actively involved.

Jewels of Kindness and Respect: A Values-led Education

At GEMS Education we care about a values-led education and seek to encourage students to grow and develop their personal and interpersonal qualities. A variety of initiatives, designed to instill values in students, have been rolled out across GEMS schools, with teachers, student and parents all actively involved. The GEMS Jewels of Kindness & Respect initiative has been created to encourage students to think about showing all the qualities of kindness, such as respect, empathy, helpfulness, and compassion, to their friends, family and wider community with the belief that children learn best when there is close collaboration between home and school on core values.

Did you know?

In 2018, GEMS enlisted the help of Michele Borba, an internationally acclaimed expert and author on children, teens, parenting, bullying and moral development.


How does it work?

Being kind is easy and doesn’t cost a dirham!

  1. Children carry out acts of kindness towards parents and family members while out and about and at home.
  2. Teachers ask parents to inform them of their child’s act of kindness.
  3. The school rewards and celebrates each act through:
    1. Sticker collections and sticker books (recommended for Primary students)
    2. GEMS Jewels of Kindness certificates
    3. GEMS Jewels of Kindness camel mascots – students are invited to take the mascot home for a few days (recommended for Primary students)
    4. GEMS Jewels of Kindness pins (recommended for Secondary students)
    5. Publicity in school newsletters and similar publications, or displays in the school foyer
  4. Parents showcase their child’s kindness via social media and, in this way, kindness spreads

While the importance of kindness, respect, empathy, helpfulness and compassion is taught and promoted within all our schools, we want to ensure that these qualities extend beyond the school environment and continue to be developed and reflected at home. To that end, the GEMS Jewels of Kindness initiative is a means of encouraging children to be kind to their parents, grandparents and siblings, and in turn society as a whole. Rolled out across all GEMS schools, the programme is also a celebration of all the good deeds and acts of kindness being carried out by GEMS students.

Examples of acts of kindness

  • Write a thank you note
  • Care for an animal or pet
  • Hold the door open for someone
  • Make a family “kindness jar”, “compliment jar” or “positive memory jar”
  • Say something nice about someone, just because • Do the chores without being asked to do so
  • Bake or cook something for the rest of the family • Pay someone a compliment
  • Make a gift
  • Recycle or upcycle waste • Say please and thank you • Set the dinner table

The GEMS Jewels of Kindness & Respect programme connects seamlessly with the UAE’s Moral Education curriculum introduced in 2017 as well as the various Year of Tolerance initiatives in 2019. They all combine to form one full-scale package of Values-led Education in our schools.

Road to Success

Data from the KHDA school inspections show that the biggest movement among parameters across all our schools was Personal Social Development (PSD). It is therefore clear that GEMS Jewels of Kindness & Respect is making a significant impact in our schools as well as supporting inspection ratings.

Kindness in Action


Rewards & Recognition

Students are recognised and rewarded for their acts of kindness. Once they have shown a kindhearted act, their parents can send a message to the school explaining what their child did. The school will decide how to reward the act. As part of the rewards, each primary school will receive 10 GEMS Jewels of Kindness mascots; each secondary school will receive an initial 100 GEMS Jewels of Kindness pins.