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As part of our GEMS Student Employment program we are looking to not only promote education by traditional channels but to “learn by doing” as well. As the largest K-12 educator in the world, GEMS Education is looking to bring the skills and tools to enable career success into the classroom and align it with passion and strengths at an early age.

Many of our students participate in internship programs, however we would like to go beyond the traditional pathways. As a valuable and responsible employer you are a critical component in identifying the skills of the future, and with your support we can enhance our curriculum by embedding more opportunities for our students, both in and outside of the classroom.

We would like to work with you and any of your strategic partners to offer GEMS students the following opportunities while studying or beyond graduation;

  • internships (paid / non-paid);
  • gap year placements;
  • summer and part-time placements;
  • volunteer work;
  • permanent employment for graduates.

At GEMS, we believe that such collaborations will not only benefit our student but also your organisation. Our students will have more real-world experience and understand the preparation required for future employment. Your organisation would receive great benefits from this program; not only above and beyond the additional workforce, you will also benefit by:

  • awareness of your organisation to our GEMS network;
  • receiving new innovative perspectives from our top selected students;
  • being part of our curriculum and learning outcome strategy as you are defining the jobs of tomorrow for the leaders of tomorrow;
  • access to our alumni and university partners for greater collaboration and research opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are students selected for the roles?

Students are profiled and their skills matched with those required for the role. You will be able to meet and interview depending on the role and provide feedback on the experience. 

How often will students be on-site?

This is up to you however students should not exceed more than 6 hours a day. 

Is there a minimum number of students we need to enroll?

We are working hard to set a standard similar to initiatives in other regions. We would ask that for every 25 employees you have that you offer 1 position to students. 

What are the UAE restrictions on hiring students?

According to a new decree issued in 2016 by the HR Ministry, students are allowed to complete training periods and fill in positions in the private sector after obtaining work permits. According to the decree, guardians of students aged 12 to 18 years should produce a written consent for training purposes, while those aged 15 to 18 years should seek work permit. The decree grants national and foreign students similar conditions in terms of benefits and advantages to those already filling the same spot.

The authorized temporary work permit allows facilities to hire national or expat students registered or non-registered in the Ministry’s database, including students to work on projects with completion periods not exceeding six months, with Dh.500 as permit fee. The Ministry grants temporary work permit for facilities to use nationals or non-nationals registered in the ministry database, including students to work for lesser hours in the same jobs as those filled by their counterparts for a period of maximum one year, with a fee of Dh.500.

Juvenile work permits are offered to employ nationals or non-nationals in the 15 to 18 age bracket, thereby enabling them to work for a period of not more than a year, with Dh.500 as fee. The Ministry has however, warned against making the appointed students work for more than six hours a day. They should be granted more than an hour of rest, breaks to eat or pray, and should consider not to keep them on duty for more than four consecutive hours a day.

The permits can be availed from Tasheel Service Centre through ministry’s smart phone applications.

Employers, before employing a juvenile, should retain copies of certain documents in the juvenile’s personal file, such as birth certificate, physical fitness certificate issued by a specialized physician, written consent from juvenile’s guardian, etc. Further, the employment of a juvenile is prohibited when the job requires night shifts, or involves hazardous jobs or is harmful to health, such as underground jobs in mines, quarries, furnaces of melting metals, oil refining, asphalt industry and bakeries. Further, when working hours exceed six hours a day, one or more breaks should be provided. Juveniles are not permitted to work overtime, or on holidays. A Juvenile work permit has a validity period of one year.

What if a student is not performing?

Students are expected to perform as per the job description and the agreed upon outcomes prior to starting the role. Performance reviews and feedback are critical to any employees success and should follow the same procedures. Should there be some additional guidance required from our side we will be more than happy to take your feedback and liaise with the student.