Hiring Process

  • Are there opportunities for career progression within GEMS

    Yes, GEMS offers excellent opportunities for career progression. We have a large network of schools. Internal promotion is encouraged and all our vacancies are advertised internally.  Teachers at GEMS schools access the company’s professional development programme, one of the largest education training programmes in the world. This ensures the best possible academic outcomes as well as helping GEMS to attract and retain the highest calibre teaching and leadership staff.

    Our centralised professional development programme supports schools by offering a series of programmes across our network. It draws on the expertise of GEMS staff within schools and our wide network of international consultants. In addition, the programme offers opportunities for staff across GEMS to develop their own training and facilitation skills. 

  • Will I get planning time?

    Yes, a typical teaching week is around 18 hours with additional contact time for registration and other duties. Teachers also have several hours of non-contact time which is used for group or individual planning.  

  • What are the school holidays?

    Holidays vary slightly depending on the school. You can view the academic calendars on our individual school websites.

  • Do I have to take part in extra-curricular activities?
    Extra-curricular activities are an integral and important aspect of our schools. There are many activities that you can get involved in such as sports, performing arts, charitable initiatives etc. All of our teachers are contracted to two extra-curricular activities per week although many do more than this. Extra-curricular activities are typically after school and can run until around 4.30pm (although this may be later for sports fixtures etc). 
  • What about my spouse/partner/children? Can they come with me?
    It is possible for your spouse and children to join you, although you may need to consider whether your spouse or partner will be able to find employment.
  • What is accommodation like for teachers?
    Teachers have their own accommodation, and lots of our teachers live in similar areas/buildings so it is easy to meet many of their colleagues.
Our international education footprint extends to 49 schools across the UAE, Qatar and Egypt, delivering a consistent, dynamic, high-quality education for every child.
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