KHDA Outstanding Schools in Dubai

All GEMS schools in the UAE are regulated by the government authority that oversees education in the respective emirate: Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK); Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA); Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA); and the federal Ministry of Education (MoE), which oversees schools in all other emirates. 

The easiest way to select the best schools in Dubai - KHDA ratings, which start from ‘Outstanding’ at the top end of the spectrum to Very Good and so on. GEMS Education is proud to have several schools listed in the ‘Outstanding’ category by KHDA.

Regulators frequently carry out inspections of all schools based on set frameworks, leading to the publication of an independent assessment of each institution, giving parents and students a comprehensive view of the quality of education and opportunities available. These inspections ensure the highest standards are being met and result in the school being awarded an official rating: ‘Outstanding’, ‘Very Good’, ‘Good’, ‘Average’, ‘Weak’ or ‘Very Weak’.

At GEMS, we take inspections very seriously and view them as an important opportunity to demonstrate the amazing work being carried out by our teachers and school leaders. The results also enable us to identify areas of strength and further development, and we welcome all feedback as part of our efforts to continuously improve, grow and enhance the education we deliver.

We are proud to operate a high number of schools that have been awarded the top ‘Outstanding’ rating. We are equally proud of the steady progress being made by all our schools in their journey to ‘Outstanding’.

Thanks to our size and scale, GEMS schools and educators can draw on the unrivalled experience and expertise that exists within our network, helping them to reach the highest standards in record time. This also provides our families with the assurance and peace of mind that their children are consistently receiving the very best education possible.

List of KHDA Outstanding schools in Dubai

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