GEMS Scholarships

We offer Academic Scholarships to students who have consistently placed at the top of their class in all their subjects for at least the last three years. You will also be considered if you have appeared for any international exam and have been placed in the top 95th percentile (please note, you will need to provide evidence to support your claim) and have the passion and commitment to continue improving your grades.

The Scholarships

  • Academic Scholarships shall be awarded to candidates on the basis of proven outstanding academic achievement and are subject to the student maintaining a high level of academic achievement.
  • Academic Scholarships are available to current and prospective students of GEMS Schools from Year 7 (Grade 6) and are awarded based on a competitive application process.
  • Academic Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of: the assessment by GEMS of the candidate’s Scholarship Application Form;

The Assessment

  • the assessment by GEMS of a full report from each candidate's present school (both local and national benchmarks);
  • the results of verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests to be completed by the candidate;
  • the results of a written examination to be administered by the awarding GEMS school;
  • an interview with the Principal of the awarding GEMS school to assess the candidate's calibre and commitment; and
  • a final interview with the GEMS Scholarships Committee.

Categories of Scholarships

  • Creative and Performing Arts

    We offer Creative and Performing Arts Scholarships to students who are passionate artistes and performers with grades that place them in the top 70th percentile in their class (Please note you will need to provide evidence of any claims) and have the passion and commitment to continue excelling in your chosen field.
  • Leadership & Entrepreneurship

    At the core of our mission is a commitment to develop inquiring, innovative and caring leaders. Through a range of leadership opportunities and entrepreneurship programmes, our students are becoming creative thinkers, problem solvers and effective communicators, ready to make a positive impact in the world that awaits them.
  • Innovation & Digital Technology

    Arabic Studies Scholarships are offered to students as a part of the Academic Scholarships. These are offered to Native and Non-Native speakers.
  • Arts & Creativity

    We offer Sports Scholarships to committed students who are placed in the top 70th percentile in their class and have consistently played their sport for the last 3-5 years, competing in a) Regional or b) International level tournaments

Applications for our Scholarships are currently closed.

The application period for this year has come to an end. If you have already applied, you will be considered for these programs should you qualify so please do not re-apply.  The application for the next  school year will open soon.

Terms & Conditions

Click here to read the GEMS Scholarship Terms & Conditions

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