GEMS Scholarship Application Form

To be considered for a GEMS Scholarship please fill the application form in the respective school website below

Last day for Scholarship applications for International schools: May 31st, 2020

Last day for Scholarship applications for Indian schools: Feb 28th, 2020

How to apply for a GEMS Scholarship

In order to submit your scholarship application, you must be an enrolled student at one of the participating GEMS schools. If you're not enrolled yet, you must have an active enrollment application in the school to which you would like to apply for a Scholarship.

You must fill the Scholarship Application Form directly on the website of the school where you're enrolled or where you're applying for enrollment. Please refer to the list of school websites below.

Please submit a cover letter, authored by you along with authenticated copies of the last two years’ of school reports in order to proceed with the application

The prompts below are meant to assist in the development of the response to the letter section. They should not read as an exhaustive list of ideas.

  1. Explain how and why your performance merits consideration for a GEMS Scholarship Award.
  2. What opportunities do you hope will be presented having been awarded a GEMS Scholarship?
  3. What personal qualities will you contribute to the GEMS school you will be attending?
  4. What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
  5. How could GEMS Education be supportive of or contribute significantly into that future?
  6. Do you already have a university programme or future in mind? Please provide details.
  7. What are any special interests, hobbies or achievements that you would like the GEMS Scholarship Committee to know about?
  8. Is there a special person or experience that has influenced who you are today, or how you want to be ‘tomorrow’? Please elaborate.


Terms and Conditions

Click here to read the GEMS Scholarship Terms and Conditions


Scholarship Application Forms for Individual Schools

Please visit any of the links below to access the individual Application Form for your desired school, or visit our school finder to enrol in a GEMS school.


Al Khaleej National School

GEMS United School - Sports City

Cambridge International School - Dubai

GEMS Dubai American Academy

GEMS FirstPoint School - The Villa

GEMS Founders School - Mizhar

GEMS Founders School - Dubai

GEMS Heritage Indian School

GEMS International School - Al Khail

GEMS Modern Academy - Dubai

Jumeirah Primary School

GEMS Metropole School - Motor City

GEMS New Millennium School - Al Khail

GEMS Al Barsha National School for Boys

GEMS Al Barsha National School for Girls

GEMS Our Own Indian School - Al Quoz

GEMS Our Own English High School - Dubai

Our Own High School - Al Warqa'a

The Millennium School - Dubai

The Westminster School - Ghusais

GEMS Wellington Academy - Al Khail

GEMS Wellington International School

GEMS Winchester School - Dubai

GEMS Wellington Academy - DSO

Abu Dhabi

The Cambridge High School - Abu Dhabi

GEMS Cambridge International School - Abu Dhabi

GEMS Winchester School - Abu Dhabi

GEMS United Indian School - Abu Dhabi

GEMS World Academy - Abu Dhabi


GEMS Millennium School - Sharjah

Our Own English High School - Sharjah (Boys)

Our Own English High School - Sharjah (Girls)

GEMS New Our Own Private High School - Sharjah

GEMS Westminster School - Sharjah

Wesgreen International School - Sharjah


GEMS Winchester School - Fujairah

Al Ain

Our Own English High School - Al Ain

Ras al Khaimah

GEMS Westminster School - Ras Al Khaimah