Delta Skills Academy launched in collaboration with GEMS Education

6 May 2024

The new initiative offers new pathway to learning key business and life skills

Delta Skills Academy, a pioneering initiative dedicated to preparing both adult and older school-aged students for the ever-evolving demands of industry and 21st-century life with tailored courses, has officially launched in collaboration with GEMS Education.

With the latest global trends highlighting that up to half of today’s workforce will need to upskill or retrain as a result of new technologies in their sector, Delta Skills Academy will focus on practical skill application based on hard data, ensuring learners are equipped today with the tools necessary to excel in tomorrow’s job market.

  • Courses on offer chosen to focus on skills that surveys show learners most want to develop
  • Parents and school-age pupils to receive tuition from leading institutions, training partners
  • Industry and life skill courses to be rolled out initially at selected GEMS Education schools

Initially, the Academy is designed to assist both parents and senior students of GEMS’ 42 UAE schools, working with leading training providers, thought leaders, and educators.

The first courses will be held at selected schools in Dubai and offer qualifications that will boost CVs and assist in the job market, with plans to subsequently expand across the GEMS network of schools in the UAE and beyond.

Leveraging insights from global data sources, including pivotal findings from the World Economic Forum, Delta’s curriculum has been meticulously crafted to meet both current and future job market needs.

“We are acutely aware of the significant changes sweeping the global job market. In response to these shifts, Delta Skills Academy has chosen to collaborate with best-in-class partners, ensuring that our offerings are not just contemporary, but also predictive of future industry needs. While there are various institutions focusing on skill development and lifelong learning, Delta Skills Academy sets itself apart through its community-based approach, data-driven curriculum, and the flexibility of its programmes,”

West Wilkinson, Managing Director of Delta Skills Academy.

The launch of Delta Skills Academy comes at a crucial time, as the need for upskilling and retraining becomes increasingly important in today’s rapidly evolving job market (see the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report). The institution is committed to empowering individuals to explore their future and fulfil their potential, ensuring communities are equipped with the skills necessary to thrive.

For more information about Delta Skills Academy and how to sign up for its innovative programmes, please visit https://www.dsacademies.com.

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