GEMS launches groundbreaking new Children’s Services team to nurture all abilities

8 November 2023

New department created to focus on holistic student development

GEMS Education has launched a groundbreaking Children’s Services department across all 44 of its schools in the UAE and Qatar, representing a unique and innovative approach to holistic student development.

  • New team to combine experience of world-class experts in pioneering new unit
  • Children’s Services will work proactively with schools for the benefit of students
  • New department will support and augment GEMS’ five-year Education Strategy

This pioneering initiative covers a wide range of provisions, including wellbeing, inclusion, safeguarding, GEMS For Life, Special Educational Needs (SEN), English as an Additional Language (EAL), and gifted and talented student focus.

The measure further supports GEMS’ goal to ensure that every child, regardless of their ability and background, is empowered to achieve their fullest potential and to nurture the genius within them.

“The Children’s Services department represents a collaborative effort to offer comprehensive support that addresses various aspects of our students’ development. We are very excited about the positive impact this initiative will have on our students’ lives and their future success. This initiative will empower students and provide them with a nurturing environment where they can flourish academically, emotionally, and socially, no matter what walk of life they choose.”

David Irish, Senior Vice President of Children’s Services, GEMS Education

Maryssa O’Connor, Senior Vice President – Education at GEMS, added: “The Safeguarding and Inclusion teams at GEMS are great examples of dedicated expertise and experience already working very proactively within our schools and bringing huge added value to the students as and when required. We are now building on those solid foundations substantially with the introduction of a combined Children’s Services department under David’s experienced leadership.”

In coordination with GEMS’ Chief Education Officer and Senior Vice Presidents, the team will proactively work in schools for the benefit of students, also bringing to bear the latest best practice execution and data across its wide spectrum of delivery.

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