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GEMS Our Own English School Girls Sharjah

The OWSUM Climate Guide

The unique perspective of students holds the power to effectively convey the urgency of the climate change issue and the imperative for action. The bimonthly OOS Climate Guide, a youth-led initiative introduced this year, carries the potential to bring about substantial change. Created by the students of Our Own English High School Sharjah (girls), this well-crafted climate guide seeks to shape public opinion and inspire individuals and institutions to embrace more sustainable practices.


The concept of a circular economy, which emphasizes waste reduction and material reuse, aligns closely with upcycling. Upcycled products often find a niche market, offering advantages for entrepreneurs. One such initiative, JUeMP (Just Empowerment), was launched in May for the girls of Our Own English High School Sharjah. In this ongoing entrepreneurial upcycling project, students delve into fashion design by repurposing old clothing and fabric scraps. The JUeMP program has yielded remarkable creations, including home decor items and accessories, fostering both creativity and sustainable fashion practices. This year's upcycled products were even used as takeaways for guests at the recently concluded OWSUM (Our Own Education Summit) event.


Reinventing style, one piece at a time

Our Own English High School Sharjah Girls proudly hosted the 7th edition of Recycle Runway as part of the highly anticipated OWSUM (Our Own Education Summit) event. This biennial tradition, which commenced in 2010, revolves around redefining fashion by crafting stylish pieces from non-biodegradable materials that would typically end up in landfills.

During this remarkable event, parents, students, and teachers collaborate to design and launch a sustainable clothing line, creatively utilizing waste materials. This initiative not only champions sustainability but also fosters an entrepreneurial spirit, to enhance environmental awareness among consumers.

This year's event, held on May 25th 2023, was particularly special as it featured active participation from students as young as 7 years old, showcasing a deep commitment to sustainable fashion and environmental consciousness.


Books serve as a powerful tool for introducing children to important global issues like climate action, quality education, clean energy, and gender equality through storytelling. In June 2021, Our Own English School Sharjah Girls launched the OOS SDG Book Club as part of the PEAK program, inspired by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This visionary initiative aims to educate young minds about these critical topics through easily accessible stories, to cover 17 books over 17 months, each tied to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The OOS SDG Book Club offers a carefully curated reading list featuring books from around the world, each aligned with an SDG. It encourages children to connect with the fundamental principles of these goals and provides resources in PDF format and podcasts through Classroom Phoenix to enhance reading and listening skills.

After completing each book, students share book reviews that include their proposed solutions to the challenges depicted in the stories. Now in its third year, the program has expanded to include the entire primary and middle school, working to nurture a new generation of informed and proactive global citizens.


It's a name that suggests illumination, guidance, and a source of light

‘Sawt Al Manara - My Voice: Illuminating Minds’ is an Arabic SDG book club initiative launched as part of the PEAK program (Pursuing Excellence through Academic Knowledge) and in alignment with the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Established on September 2nd, 2021, this in-house club aims to educate young readers about crucial issues through accessible stories, covering 17 months, 17 books, and 17 goals.

In continuation of their commitment to fostering sustainability awareness, Our Own English High School expanded the Sawt Al Manara initiative by partnering with local schools in Sharjah. Al Shola Private School, Sharjah, became the first school to collaborate on October 10th, 2021. This Arabic Sustainable Development Goals Book Club is designed for students aged 11 to 14 and utilizes age-appropriate curated books that align with SDG principles.

The program benefits both schools by pairing English and Arabic language mentors to complete 17 SDG-related Arabic and English fiction and non-fiction books within a specified time, formalized by an MOU. Student leaders facilitate discussions and debates based on the exchanged books, which are tracked online and on paper.

Understanding is assessed through student book reviews, culminating in a Reading Festival that celebrates comprehension and a commitment to sustainability.

The SDG Reading Festival with Al Shola, held on March 28th, 2022, marked a significant milestone in the program's journey. It featured an enriched exchange of knowledge between students from both schools, with the presence of principals, vice-principals, and special guest Ms. Shoua Omar Fakhouri, School Improvement Advisor from SPEA. The festival included a book release, discussions, a reading challenge, and awards for the best book reviews and the highest number of books read. Despite language differences, students engaged enthusiastically, solidifying an enduring experience of learning and sharing in both Arabic and English.