• Language(s) of Instruction


  • Principal

    Jane Knight

  • Age Range

    3 to 18 yrs

  • Fee Range

    91,317 - 187,325 EGP

  • Location

    Al Rehab

  • Curriculum

    British Curriculum

  • Grade

    Pre School - Year 12

In its 22-year tenure, GEMS British School Al Rehab has firmly grounded its ethos in the focus of student-centric education. We diligently craft each activity to spark imagination and encourage inquiry. By catering a broad spectrum of engrossing and participative experiences, our goal is to kindle an enduring love for learning and foster a progressive mindset in our pupils. Our superb team of educators deserves accolades for their instrumental role in enabling our students to attain scholastic brilliance.


Jane Knight

Welcome to GEMS British School Al Rehab (GEMS TBS) and I want to start by expressing how thrilled I am to be joining a vibrant and dynamic school community where all students, from Early Years through to Year 12, are valued as individuals and given outstanding opportunities to discover and develop their talents and interests. I was particularly moved by the passion all our teachers showed for the school and their determination to be strong advocates for the pupils in their care.

I have been involved in education since the 1990s and a great deal has changed during that time. For schools, and for parents, technology and its impact on the world of work, for example, has driven us to rethink our ideas about the kinds of skills and capacities our children need to thrive in the future. Creativity, assessing risk and reward, problem-solving, invention and collaboration are now all central themes in a progressive teaching and learning environment. I look forward to exploring and developing these areas over the coming years together with the talented and dedicated teaching team at our school.

One thing has not changed in the last 30 years, however, is the need for a school to have a strong and shared set of values by which it operates and goes about its daily business. Whatever the future may hold, kindness, respect, tolerance, a sense of humour and service to others will always be the hallmarks of a sophisticated and progressive society. I feel honoured to have this wonderful opportunity to work with parents, teaching and support staff, and of course students themselves to provide a quality education that will equip our learners with everything they need to lead successful, happy lives.

I very much look forward to meeting you in person as we share this exciting journey of learning for the future.

Jane Knight


  • EYFS Learning Area
  • Art Room
  • Stage-Related Music Rooms
  • Multi-Auditorium Hall
  • ICT Labs
  • Science Labs
  • Library
  • Students Get Exclusive Year-Round Access to Rehab Sporting Club
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • Football
  • Handball
  • Clinic and Isolation Room


GEMS British School Al Rehab

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