GEMS stands shoulder to shoulder with families and staff of tragedy-hit countries

13 September 2023

GEMS Education’s Founder, Mr Sunny Varkey, sent two heartfelt notes of condolence and solidarity to Moroccan and Libyan families and staff following the September 2023 natural disasters that devastated the nations.

Chairman GEMS Education

Following the earthquake in Marrakesh that claimed the lives of thousands at the beginning of September, Mr Varkey told the Moroccan members of the GEMS family: “News of the natural disaster in Morocco has deeply shaken us all. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have lost their loved ones, the injured, and those who have been displaced from their homes.

“We can only imagine the immense pain and suffering that our Moroccan families and colleagues are enduring, and we stand by their side, offering our unwavering support during these trying times.

“I have always believed that our schools are more than just educational institutions; they are a part of a larger family. We are bound not only by our commitment to academic excellence, but also by the bonds of compassion, unity, and resilience. In the face of adversity, it is our duty to come together and support one another, demonstrating the strength of our community.”

The Founder of GEMS was similarly moved by the tragic destruction of Libyan neighbourhoods the following week caused by massive flooding.

He wrote to Libyan families and staff: “News of these devastating floods and their aftermath has touched us deeply, and we stand together in solidarity with you during this trying period. We are aware that this natural disaster has claimed the lives of many and left countless families homeless, causing immense pain and suffering.

“During times like these, it is important for us to come together as a global family, offering our support, strength, and compassion to those in need. We want you to know that we are here for you, ready to provide any assistance and support that we can.”

Mr Varkey’s words of support were warmly received by GEMS families from the two tragedy-hit countries.

One mother, Mrs Salma Bennaiem, of GEMS Cambridge International Private School – Sharjah, wrote: “I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for your recent email regarding the disaster that occurred in Morocco. As a Moroccan family, we deeply appreciate your thoughtful message and the support it represents.

“Your words of empathy and concern have not gone unnoticed. In times of crisis, such gestures of solidarity are a source of comfort and strength. Knowing that the Founder of our son’s school is not only dedicated to education, but also mindful of global events and their impact on the community is truly heartwarming.

“The disaster has indeed been a challenging time for many in Morocco, and your email has reminded us of the importance of unity and compassion, especially during difficult times.

“Once again, thank you for your kind words and your genuine care for the well-being of all members of the school community. It’s reassuring to know that our son is part of an educational institution led by someone with such a compassionate and inclusive perspective.”

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